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Speak German Now! What is Natively?
Natively is an interactive program that provides language training for the real world by using real-life scenarios. When it comes to learning to speak a new language, no software is better designed to help you reach your goals than Natively. Combining incredible pictures, engaging text, the voices of native speakers and dynamic content, Natively has everything you need to master a new language.

Natively's immediate-response method provides immediate feedback, allowing for an engaging, challenging environment. Through real-life scenarios, captivating images, written text and the voices of native speakers, students get involved and quickly internalize the new words they have acquired. The student is impelled to deal with the new language, creating the most effective learning experience. This, combined with the self-paced nature of the course, keeps the language training process stimulating, yet natural and intuitive.

Among Natively's numerous features are:
More than 4,000 colorful pictures
Entertaining illustrations
Written text
Voices of native speakers
More than 14 different activities
Totaling more than 200 hours of learning

For what age group is Natively targeted?
When we learn a language, we expose ourselves to the world around us. French is a basic tool for communication and a key to a whole new culture and a new way of thinking. Thus, learning it cannot be limited to any specific age group. Whether an
adult wishing to travel internationally, a businessperson working with people abroad, an adolescent looking for personal enrichment, or even a child eager for fun, Natively is an appropriate language-training program. What's more, since Natively teaches through real-life situations using pictures and illustrations, while the themes it covers are appropriate for adults, children will nevertheless enjoy the colorfulness and the interaction it requires.

How much time must a student spend learning each day?
Due to individual differences, some people learn faster than others, some are able to sit through longer learning sessions than others, and some are more thorough than others.
Thus, the time it takes to complete the course varies from student to student. Still, a good idea would be to work on one lesson per sitting, which could vary from thirty minutes to two hours, depending on the specific lesson, on the level attained, and on the number of exercises completed.

How fluent can a student expect to be by the end of the course?
Natively's main goal is to help students become competent and confident in conversation and in written discourse. This includes a focus on the more passive language skills as well as on the more active language skills. Natively teaches grammar, vocabulary and verb conjugation through usage without placing emphasis on never-ending rules or memorization techniques. Through this effortless, intuitive process, students will accumulate knowledge and improve their language skills. By the end of the course, students will have gained sufficient competency in reading, writing and communicating so as to freely understand and be understood in numerous social encounters.

Who is Natively for?
Anyone over 10 years will find the disc indispensable for improving listening, understanding and speaking language skills. There are nine topics: first words, food, colours, phrases, parts of the body, numbers, time, shopping and countries.

The games and quizzes included on the disc ensure that users have fun while using the disc, without realizing that they're learning. The "intelligent" software feature remembers words you get wrong and targets your weak points.

Each question that is answered correctly increases the user's score - get an answer wrong and points will be lost. A full score earns the user a 'Gold Award'.

Each topic contains listening practice, an easy game, a hard game, a printable dictionary as well as the opportunity to record your voice and hear how you sound in comparison to the two native speakers who tutor the user throughout the Natively course.

"This is an excitingly different language learning series. Natively uses games and quizzes as a basis for making the learning process fun and relaxing." - PC Answers

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